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Avatar star, Sam Worthington just bought a winter hat here today!

   Winter is with us here in Soho New York City and The snow is a couple feet deep in many areas and the streets are pretty much filled with snow and slushy ice. Wear your boots if you visit the area.

Back to the celebrity shopper in our store today:

Well, I thought he looked familiar and I asked him if he was an actor, ummm...he didn't really answer clearly and was in a rush. He just bought the same winter hat that I wear...good taste in hats .  It was a quick transaction and one of the other customers in the store asked him if he was Sam Worthington of Avatar fame and he acknowleged he was.

Our store in Soho is a cool place to be, that is for sure!   Thanks Sam!   I think you will be cozy warm and maybe walk around a little bit incognito now.

Winter Hat

Sam Worthington