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Is it still Winter? I thought it was Spring!

Yesterday was in the 60's F so it was as if spring had arrived here in Soho. I had changed our window display from our great selection of warm winter hats and started displaying our new Spring line of hats from Japan. If you are looking to buy a hat, I don't think spring is going to be on your mind today since there are 50 mile per hour winds and a wind chill bringing the 38 degree weather down into the single digits!

My winter hats are back in the window as well as a Winter Hat Sale sign now. Sales of winter hats have been as brisk as the weather today. I am glad to see people getting such good deals on winter hats and they are the lowest prices they have ever been this weekend. Soon spring will be back, I hope! When it happens, our latest Japanese hats for Spring will be displaying once again.