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Buy a hat in New York City

Many of our customers are visiting New York City and since we are in the very trendy Soho neighborhood, it is great fun just to explore all the interesting boutiques, restaurants and even just looking at all the interesting people. I think you may find we have the tallest and most beautiful fashion models, actors and celebrities per square foot in New York City.  I'm not going to namedrop anyone in particular but we frequently have the same people you see right now on TV, film, stage and concert buying hats and buying Japanese kimonos and robes in our little shop.

When you are walking around in the city in are going to need a good looking hat that will keep the sun at bay.  The Hat House is located in Soho, NYC  and we are in the heart of the Soho area.   We can help you find just the right style and fit to suit you!

You can find us in Soho, NYC at 131 Thompson Street (in the Kimono Boutique) and we are between Prince Street and Houston Streets.

Come visit us when you are in the Soho area, we have hats for men and women in the "coolest" styles and shapes for summer.