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Buying a hat in New York  
It is always a pleasure taking photos when a customer is first buying a new hat. Invariably the smile is good and the mood is even better. That is certainly one of the pleasurable parts of my job here at The Hat House in Soho, NY.   

Everyone is into fedoras these days so we are expanding our selection and have just the right look you are after.   Wide brim hats for women and men as well as narrow brims, flat brim hats, brims turned up and brims snapped down!  

We are very convenient to the subway stations so be sure to stop by when you would like to get a really great hat!

Buy Hats in New York City today. We have Fedoras at The Hat House in New York.

More happy hat customers can be seen at our Instagram site: hathousenewyork.    
Check out our customer photos from our blog using the link on the upper right of the page.