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Buy Fedora hats in New York City at The Hat House, hat shop

The Hat House
Hats Soho New York

Here are photos I am posting of a few happy hat buyers showing off their fedoras, duckbills, pub caps, hunting caps, panama hats that they just bought from The Hat House in Soho, NY 10012.
our telephone number is 347-640-4048

We are located at 131 Thompson Street, New York City
between Prince and Houston Streets.
Find us in the middle store inside the Japanese Kimono Boutique.

Right now, the season is turning from summer hats to our fall and winter line. Since our little hat shop is located in a New York City "must visit" area and if full of little interesting boutiques and restaurants we get visitors from all over the world. Our Australian visitors and visitors from warm climates keep our Panama Hats always in season here in Soho NYC!

Our large selection of Hat House Fedoras and Pub Caps are on display and we do have a great selection.
Their are also a number of New York City hat makers and designers that show off their wonderful hats in our little Soho hat shop.

If you are looking for good quality Fedoras with a small brim - stingy brim fedora, you will find them at The Hat House, New York City.

We specialize in Small size fedoras and Extra large size fedoras and can fit you perfectly.

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