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Halloween hats in New York 10012

Halloween hats are here at The Hat House in Soho, New York City
Our hats are top quality hats and not something you would find at a party store. These are great hats that will serve you for more than just a Halloween Hat.

We have Derby Hats, Aviator Hats, Top Hats, Fedora hats for Boys and Girls, Men and Women. We have over 50 styles of hats and hundreds of hats in all sizes. Small Hats, Extra Small Hats, Large Hats, Extra Large Hats as well as medium and large size hats.   Here are just a few of the characters that you can be using our hats and you can think of many more:
Michael Jackson Hats -fedora hat-   boys, men, women's and girls sizes are here
Amelia Earhardt hats -aviator hat-
Charlie Chaplin  -derby hat-
Sherlock Holmes hats
Laurel and Hardy hats
Chauffeur hats
Newsboy hats
Gangsta hats
Madman hats
Nepalese Hats
Orthodox hats
Jaybird Style hats
Roaring 20's hats
Cowboy Hats
Farmer Straw hats
Teddy Roosevelt Panama hats  (the real thing!)
Bartender hats
Cabbie hats
Stanley and Livingston Hats -Safari hats
Mad Hatter Hats
and many more hats....

Give us a call at 347-640-3048  or just stop in from 12-7PM and we will be open on Sunday this week.