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Is your hat brim too wide?

Would you like to modify your hat so that it has a stingy or a narrow brim?

Maybe you have a special hat but the brim is too wide?

The Hat House is the hat shop in SoHo that can help you turn your wide brim hat into a narrow brim hat.
Many fedora hats and other types of hats can be converted into a stylish narrow brim hat.  We have had great success in remodeling all types of wide brim hats and turning them into narrow brim hats.

The Hat House in New York can also repair, clean and block your hat as needed.

If you are local in New York City you can bring your hat in to be evaluated or you can call us and send your hat to us for the work to be done.

Feel free to call us if you are interested. We ship worldwide and our price is reasonable, please call for a price quote at 347-640-4048 for your particular hat.