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Our Hat Store in SoHo, New York is OPEN!

Hurricane Sandra left only a lot of leaves on the street here in SoHo, we were lucky and the streets did not have any flooding or water damage.  We had no electricity for a few days but electricity has been coming back on throughout the area! Yay!   We were open at the hat shop today and customers are starting to come in to get their winter hats.  We have all types of winter hats to buy.  Driver caps with earflaps, Warm wool fedoras,  Rabbit and Mohair hats,
slouchy hats, Japanese over the ear caps for women that are really cute!  You can find Stetson fur felt fedoras, Foldable and packable fedoras, porkpie hats, diamond crown hats, Woolrichd beanies, Kangol 504's, Kangol Caps and Hats, Safari Hats, Bolero-Zorro style Hats and of course our famous duckbill, hunting and newsboy hats and caps from The Hat House, Hat shop in SoHo.   We hope you stop in and visit us. Be sure to check our special offers.

fedora in black from The Hat House NY