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Buy Newsboy Hats, Pub Caps, Flat Caps, Irish Caps, English Caps as well as Fedoras in NY

The Hat House NY logo for their hat shop in NY

Lots of excellent quality Newsboy and English or Irish Style Caps are here at Kimono House. In wool, linen and mid weight fabrics.  We have solid black, browns, greys as well as patterned and woven.

If you are looking for a great cap or hat, we have all styles you can buy including fedora hats, trilby hats, bowler hats, top hats, cowboy hats, Stetson Hats, Bailey Hats, New York Hats, Biltmore Hats, Kangol Hats, Scala Hats as well as many more shapes, styles and brands.  You can have a custom made hat with your choice of all the hat components, from the wool or fur felts, color, hat band, edge of hat treatment, brim width, crown shape.  We can provide expert fitting of your hat.

The Hat House of NY is also a provider of Panama Hats in all grades.  Our Panama Hats are blocked in very good looking shapes that look great to wear.   We also do provide reblocking and repair to Panama Hats that have lost their shape or have some damage.  Fedora hats are sold, serviced and repaired as necessary. If you have any hats you would like to clean, restore the shape, make modifications or just make them more wearable again, please contact us.
Hat House NY customers including fedoras and caps
Hat House NY photos of customers wearing hats they bought in NY including fedora hats and newsboy hats, pub caps, duckbill hats