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Panama Hat repair and blocking as well as general hat repair and blocking

Do you have a hat that just doesn't look its' best anymore? Does it need to be reshaped or blocked into its' original great look?  Sometimes your hat will get caught in the rain and turn into a mis-shapen droopy thing that you won't enjoy wearing anymore. If you have a nice hat that needs cleaning or the band needs changing or is totally or partially out of shape, don't give up on it. Bring it to The Hat House NY for attention and repair.  We work wonders on your hats and bring them back to their original glory as well as make changes to the design that you may have in mind. We handle Borsalino hats, Stetson Hats, Panama Hats, Kangol Hats, Custom Made hats in fur felts, Quality Straw Hats, Parasisol hats and other types of hats.

Hat blocking
Hat steaming
Hat repair
Hat stiffening
Hat trimming
Band changing
Sweatband replacement
General hat shaping, cleaning