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Panama hat repair, reshaping and blocking

If you own a Panama Hat and it looks like it needs some  help or has lost it's shape, please call us at The Hat House in Soho New York.   We can restore your Panama Hat and you will enjoy wearing it much more because it will just look great again.    We can also repair cracks and tears as well as replace your Hatband ribbons with a beautiful new look.  We also can repair,  clean hats including all winter and fall felt hats in wool or fur felt. 
Panama Hat repairs at The Hat House NYC

Panama Hat from The Hat House NY
Teddy Roosevelt Panama Hat
Teddy Roosevelt and Panama Hat!

If you  are in the market to buy  a new Panama Hat,  we have a great selection of these hand woven hats here in New York.   Call us at 347-640-4048 and visit our hat shop in Soho NYC.