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Men and Women's Winter Fedora Hats, Porkpie Hats, Top Hats and Bowler Hats, Derby Hats

Carriage hat or Coachman hat
Carriage top hat
Winter hats for men and women available in all sizes from very very small hats to extra extra large hats are in stock at The Hat House in SoHo, NYC.  
Classic stingy brim fedora hat
Stingy Brim Fedora
We have the timeless classics that will always be the right choice for topping off your outfit.

Many of these hats look great on both men and women and can be used in a casual or formal setting. 
Classic wide brim Fedora hat
Wide brim fedora
Top hat from The Hat House, hat shop in SoHo NYC
Top Hat wide brim
buy this porkpie hat in NY at The Hat House of SoHo NYC
Buy porkpie hats from The Hat House NY
These are top quality hats that can also protect you from the elements.
traditional bowler hat from The Hat House NY
Bowler hat or Derby Hat from The Hat House NY
stingy brim wool felt hat from The Hat House NY
Stingy Fedora in many colors
 Many are crushable and packable and will repel rain and snow.  They also just look great!

If you are looking to buy hats in New York, vsit our hat boutique in trendy SoHo New York City and you will find a big selection of colors and shapes of fine hats in wool or fur felts. 
Top hat from The Hat House NY
Tapered stovepipe Top Hat
 Our services include the expertise to help you obtain a perfect fit and look.
Gambler hat or Plantation hat from The Hat House NY
Western Gambler Hat in all sizes

Visit or call us today to purchase quality hats in New York.