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Trick Hat from the 1950's

Yes, we make quality custom fur felt beaver Western Cowboy Hats at The Hat House in NYC. 

 We have a full service hat store and hat shop in New York

 We sell and repair all types of hats including Panama Hats, Fedoras, Trilby, Top Hats, Bowler Hats.  

Our hat shop in SoHo designs and creates fine fur felt Fedoras for men and women. These hats are hand built in NYC and use the finest materials and techniques for a wonderful look and great fit.

We just don't make the following trick hat that I ran across on Youtube recently!

  If you remember or have heard of Roy Rogers, the cowboy actor and singer that was extremely popular in the 1950's, then you will get a kick out of this strange hat...a kids' toy.

  This is definitely not something that will fly today as a childs toy. 

If you are into hats, you may find it interesting to see this 1950's TV commercial.

Roy Rogers Quick Trigger Shooter Hat:  A bizarre and politically incorrect toy?