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Flat caps, David Bowie and Serendipity in SoHo NY

David Bowie as well as his music is special to me.

I explained the complete story to his personal shopper when she came into our SoHo New York City Hat shop to purchase berets for his wife, Iman and to purchase a Kangol flat cap for him.

David Bowie wears flat cap from The Hat House, hat store in NYC
The Super Talented David Bowie  - photo by Splash
His music captivated me when I heard the "Changes" album when it was first released and still does to this day.  I think people familiar with his work agree that his music still resonates.  He is an important element in the upward progression of contemporary music.

Anyway, we are all located in the SoHo NYC area and I hope he doesn't mind the photo post of him in the cap I supplied (photo from Splash News) showing a relaxed and attentive man simply hanging out just a few blocks from our New York City hat shop.

SoHo NYC is a vibrant and sophisticated area.  Creative people from all over the world have made it their home.



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