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Hat repairs, hat reshaping, hats made bigger, hats made smaller at our hat shop in New York City

Do you have a nice hat that is looking droopy or does not have that nice look it used to have?  Does it have a leather sweat band in the hat that needs to be replaced?

 Is your hat too small or tight and it needs to be stretched?  Is your hat too big and need to be made smaller? Does your hat need cleaning?  What about blocking your hat?

Cleaning and blocking services for your hat that will restore the shape of the hat and make your hat look new again.  Is your hat too floppy or limp?  Your hat can be stiffened and have a nice feel once again and look great!

The Hat House in New York City offers all of the above hat repairs and hat services that will make your special hats look great once again.

No matter how bad the condition of the hat, your hat can be restored if it was made from good materials to begin with.

Hats can be any age for us to do this, from new to antique.

Please give us a call if you need hat repair or hat cleaning.  You can also mail in your hat to us. Please call for further information:  347-640-4048