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New York Times Fashion and Style Hats Men's Fashion week article from Bill Cunningham ... "The main points on the guests in the show are the felt hats"

Hats in New York Men's Fashion week were a highlight of the event. "It's a whole new expression" Bill Cunningham states regarding men's felt hats during this New York Fashion Week 2015. He was referring to the way the hats are being shaped and worn.

Being primarily a felt hatmaker (as well as a Panama Hat specialist)  in New York City, I'm one to read anything and everything regarding hats and was quite pleased to hear this.   It really is no surprise to me as our hat shop has been outfitting our customers with just these type of hats for a while now.  

Something started to look familiar to me in Bill Cunningham's NY Times video.... lo and behold, I saw one of my customers wearing one of my handmade custom hats!

This one is a wide brim custom hat that I make in many variations to your exact head shape as well as your size. A proper fit is critical to obtain the right look and be comfortable to wear. 

Mens Fashion Week Hats New York Times and The Hat House NY

The demand for felt hats has been growing by leaps and bounds.  In addition, more and more people are realizing that a good hat; like fine shoes, a handbag, bespoke suit or other well made clothing requires a bit of an investment.   In order to look good in a hat, you should have a well crafted hat made of fine materials.

I'm starting to see more and more people wearing higher quality hats recently.  A well made hat that fits your body type and facial structure will make you look and feel a thousand times better than wearing a typical hat bought without regard to quality.

Stop by my shop and I can show you first hand.  

Well...back to Bill Cunningham's cool New York Times Fashion week video blog.  I was really enjoying watching the piece and especially the section with the men's hats photos he provides.   

After being surprised to see the above photo of my handmade hat in the Men's Fashion Week article, I spotted another in the same article.  It is one of my one of a kind hats that was built to order for the model in the photo.

The Hat House NYhandmade custom hats appearing in NY Times Men's Fashion Week article

All in all...this was a fun find for me this evening. 

~ If you would like to have me build a great looking handmade top quality hat that fits you in style and comfort, give me a call at 347-640-4048.