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Hat Cleaning, Hat Blocking and Repairs

Cleaning and blocking a hat?  What is that all about?   Well, before this age of planned obsolescence and throwaway disposable items, it was good practice to take care of your beloved possessions as they could last your entire lifetime.  

Men and Women hats can be cleaned blocked trimmed and shaped
The past five to ten years has seen a resurgence of good quality clothing and other handmade items that you don't want to throw away when they get shabby or damaged.  
 Clean and Block your hats at The Hat House New York  347-640-4048

If you have a hat made of good materials, such as a fine straw or fine felt it is worthwhile maintaining and restoring this accessory.   Felt hats made of furs from beaver or rabbit fur are particularly good for cleanings and restorations.

A well made hat that has completely lost it's shape can be made to look new again after a specialized cleaning and replacement of leather sweatband and ribbon trims along with stiffening, hardening and reshaping as required
Fur felt hats can be cleaned and blocked at The Hat House New York 347-640-4048

We can make your hat larger or smaller and get you that comfortable perfect fit.

Hats are unlike other clothing as they can be over 100 years old and still be restored to a new looking condition.    This is true in the instances of beaver fur
felt hats.  Believe it or not, beaver felt hats have a long history and are responsible for much of the colonization  in the USA and riches in early New York City.   Beaver pelts for good hats made John Jacob Astor fabulously wealthy in the late 1700's and early 1800's... here is a photo of a beaver on a tile taken at the Astor place train station.  If you have seen it on the tiles, you may have wondered what this was all about.  Hats!
New York...Hats are here to stay and they need upkeep once in a while!

panama hats can be repaired and reshapedThe Hat House New York hatmaker offers cleaning and restoration services for all types of hats.  We have restored cowboy hats, dress fedora hats, Borsalino hats, Stetson hats, fixed broken and misshaped hats whether made of felt or straw panama hats.  Sometimes we get a cherished newsboy cap that has been worn for decades and needs a new lining, sweatband, cleaning and rips and tears repaired.   We can do most any hat repair whether fascinators, featherwork, leatherwork.

Since The Hat House New York custom hatmaking shop specializes in making fine Panama Hats and Fine Beaver and Rabbit felt hats, we can do any type of hat repair or restoration as it is quite similar to the building and crafting of a new hat.

If you would like to clean up your hat with a basic cleaning and shaping, we can do that also.

Bring in or mail your hats to us for a price quote.