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Does your hat need reshaping or repair? Best Hat Cleaning and Blocking New York City

hat repair, cleaning and blocking New York Cityhats cleaned and blocked NYC
Hat House New York  continues a century old artisan tradition in New York City... Hat repair and maintenance.

With the resurgence of hat wearers and appreciation of quality hats, the need for hat repairs, hat cleaning, hat reshaping, hat fixing and changing hat ribbons, changing sweatbands, blocking hats and hat restoration has surfaced again.

Whether you have a dress felt hat that needs repair, a cowboy hat that needs reshaping, if your hat just doesn't look right on the brim or the crease on the crown is not good anymore, Hat House New York can restore or improve your hat.

We work on and repair ladies and men's hats as well as all types of headwear including fitted cap repair, baseball cap repair, fixing broken straps on hats, repairing and replacing hat liners, replacing hat sweatbands, in fact we can completely restore most any hats.

Panama Hat repair New York

hat reshaping, hat cleaning and blockingPanama hats sometimes have cracks that are repairable. We fix all types of Panama Hats that need reshaping or have breaks in them.

Do you have an heirloom hat that is in need of repair from your father or grandfather or other prized hat that is one of a kind and is in bad shape?  Horrible shape?  Call us and we can most likely restore your important hat. Even rare museum hats have been restored by Hat House New York.

We have the best hat repair service in New York and are hatmakers as well.

The Hat House New York cleans and blocks hats as well as restores men and womens hats
Sometimes it is a particular hat that you just cannot replace but it has a lot of meaning to you.  No matter what condition, we can usually restore it.

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