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Hat Repairs and Restorations from Hat House New York

Hat House New  York hat repairs
If you have a prized hat, bring it back to tip top shape.  If your hat is now worse for wear, Hat House New York can usually restore the hat to its former glory.

Montecristi Hat from Hat House New York 347-640-4048Maybe you need your hat stretched or enlarged to give a proper fit.  Maybe your hat is too big and it needs to be brought down to a smaller size.  Is your sweatband in good condition? Many times a great hat can have the sweatband replaced if the leather or cloth band is cracking or broken or bad condition.

Tears or rips in your Panama Hat?

Hat House New  York hat repairs 347-640-4048
Ken Lee Custom made beaver hats from Hat House New York
Is your Panama hat crushed or misshaped out of recognition... or starting to look more like a soggy rain hat that the dog may mistake for a rolled up newspaper?   Has your dog been munching on the plastic snapback of your prized rapper snapback?    All of these hatful scenarios have found solace, respite, consolation and restoration at Hat House New York telephone 347-640-4048.

Hat House New York also sells ready to wear hats and you can also buy bespoke beaver hats by Ken Lee made in the NYC Ken Lee Custom Shop.