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Hat House New York hat shop has Ken Lee Custom beaver hats

Hat House New York in SoHo NYC is currently the exclusive location to be fitted for a handmade and bespoke beaver felt hat by Ken Lee Custom.  

Hats are Handcrafted in the Ken Lee Custom shop, using tools and proprietary techniques that have been developed and refined over the past 100 years by the best hatters of Europe and the Americas.   

Exquisite beaver felts in a broad range of colors and hands are crafted into beautiful and highly functional works of art that will outlast our lifetimes.    

Ken Lee personally takes your measurements, consults regarding your interests and tastes for optimal look and comfort.  

Our hatters are on site in the 131 Thompson Street hat store location to assist you in the entire order process in building your unique bespoke hat design.  

Our hat shop in SoHo NYC also has a great selection of ready to wear hats for men and women from local hat factories including Stetson, Borsalino, Bailey.   Fedoras, bowler hats, cowboy hats, Panama Hats, porkpie hats, newsboy hats, flat caps and many more styles are ready to wear off the shelf at reasonable pricing.