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Where can you find these hats in New York? ...Berets, Fedoras, Bowler, Top Hat, Custom Hat, Beaver Hat, Cowboy Hat, Newsboy hats

The Hat House has all of  the above hats in every size.  If you have a really small head size or if you have a very large head size, we can fit you.  Take a look at some of our other hats and services:

Beaver hat from The Hat House
Western beaver hat
One of the Best Hat Shops in New York City   NY  award for The Hat House

Ken Lee Custom grey beaver hat
Beaver Fedora by Ken Lee
Our onsite hatter has the methodology and techniques to fit you while you wait in most instances.  We have a wide variety of quality, ready to wear hats on our shelves.  You can walk out with your hat the same day.
Ken Lee Custom Porkpie hat

The Hat House has provided and made hats for numerous movies, shows and celebrities including
Madonna, David Bowie, Iman, Rihanna, Erykah Badu, Sam Worthington, Morgan Freeman, Julia well as many other well known musicians, TV and Youtube stars and artists.

Silverbelly Ken Lee Custom beaver hat
Handmade beaver felt hat by Ken Lee Custom
The Hat House photo of Vogue article western hat by Ken Lee Custom
Western furfelt handmade hat

Honey colored panama hat from The Hat House worn by gentleman
Panama Hat from
The Hat House
We have a full service hat shop as well as a complete restoration, clean, block and repair service for all types of hats.  Bring your hats back to a good looking condition again.

Trendy distressed custom beaver hat by Ken Lee Custom
Distressed custom hat

Funk bass player in a flat brim beaver hat by Ken Lee Custom
Flat Brim Beaver Hat

If you are thinking of purchasing a handmade designed custom hat, we have ready to wear and bespoke options for you.  Top quality 100X pure beaver and wild rabbit felts in every grade and color. Hat designs are by Ken Lee, master hatter.

Please call 347-640-4048 before visiting us or sending your hats for repairs.

Fittings for bespoke hat are by appointment with Ken Lee.