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Custom Made Hats in New York City

Ken Lee, Custom hat maker measuring a client for a custom hat at The Hat House hat shop in Soho NYC
Ken Lee,  hat designer starting the custom hat process with a fitting.

A handmade hat or a bespoke hat design is 
the ultimate way to enjoy luxury headwear.

The Hat House hatter,  Ken Lee, hand creates one of kind artistic beaver felt hat designs. A sample of photos can be viewed in more detail on the following Instagram sites:   hathousenewyork and kenleecustom

Made in New York City using vintage tools and techniques dating back from the early 1800's,  Ken Lee Custom creates bespoke hats. 

Call 347-640-4048 for an appointment.

Ken Lee Custom - Hand Made hat in Navy 100X Blue Beaver Felt
Custom Beaver Felt Hat by Ken Lee 
Classic fur felt custom fedora by Ken Lee Custom hats worn by beautful womanKen Lee  custom hats on man and women at The Hat House, hat shop

Fine felt  Beaver or Rabbit Fur felt Fedoras based upon the classic mid century New York City style designs as well as Western Beaver true cowboy hats.  

These custom hats are either artisan crafted in a pristine condition as well an option for the trendy distressed and fire burnt or "old west" trail dusted hard ridden' designs. 
Distressed Trendy Styled Ken Lee Custom Beaver Felt fedora lid
All hats, distressed or pristine, are made properly, using the finest materials, design & build techniques and will last more than a lifetime.
Ken Lee Custom hand made classic fedora on man with happy wife at The Hat House in Soho NYC
Cowboy hat by Ken Lee Custom hats in Vogue Spain Magazine on model

Working from your inspiration photos or from his own suggestions on various hat styles, vintage or contemporary, a one of a kind luxury bespoke hat will take form.

You are able to participate in the design of your hat such as color swatch, brim size, shape and various materials used if you desire.  

Your look and fit in the headwear is a paramount part of the process.

Custom hats for performances, movies, TV and stage are available as well.

Vaquero flat brim furfelt black hat by Ken Lee Custom hats in NYC

Some well known hat customers of The Hat House and Ken Lee Custom:  

Julia Roberts, Morgan Freeman, Diane Keaton, Sam Worthington, Erykah Badu, David Bowie, Iman, Rihanna, Beyonce',  Lady Gaga, Madonna,  many musicians, rock stars, actors, artists in the public eye... but mainly... hat afficionados.

Katy Perry with her makeup stylist, Kandee Johnson in her Ken Lee custom beaver hat

Model Luke Ditella in Ken Lee Custom Beaver distressed hatDistressed beaver furfelt  fedora by Ken Lee Custom

Consultation and fitting takes place by appointment in our convenient Soho New York City location at 131 Thompson Street...between Houston and Prince St. we are located inside the Japanese Kimono Boutique.

Fittings in your home or office can be arranged as well.  Call 347-640-4048