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Panama Hats for both Men and Women as well as Beach and Resort Vacation Hats are available now in New York City at The Hat House

Panama hats in NYC at The Hat House in SohoIf you are escaping the city for a well deserved beach or tropical vacation, make sure to stop by The Hat House in SoHo NYC to choose from our wide selection of authentic Panama Hats as well as our other top quality sun protection and great looking styles.

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Woman wearing Panama Hat from The Hat House in NYC
Panama Hat from The Hat House in NYC
Ready to wear Hats

We carry all sizes for both men and women and our large selection of styles will help us to find a good look that you will feel good about wearing.  Whether you prefer a wide, medium or narrow brim hat...we have them.

Our master hatter is available to fit your final hat selection,  quickly done on the spot while you are in the shop. 

Lady wearing wide brim sun protection travel hat from The Hat House in NYC
If you have an very small head size or an extra extra large head size or anywhere in between, our hatter can fit you! 

We have ready to wear hats on our shelves as well as pre-built custom made that are also ready to wear, all prices are available from modest to luxury.

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Man wearing a Panama Hat from The Hat House in NYC

Our Custom Made Hats by Ken Lee

If you are able to order in advance, consider a bespoke hat; made to the highest quality luxury specifications.   This is something very special that is built to order in the Ken Lee Custom shop in NYC for you. 

All of our Panama Hats are authentic and hand woven in Ecuador, the old fashioned way and are brought to us in NYC directly from the weavers families in many cases.  We do know the weavers and our continued support of their craft is essential to the survival of this amazing hat. Our selection of Panama hats ranges from hats that were hand woven in Ecuador in a space of one or days, to a small number of "museum quality" pieces that took as much as 6 months to weave one hat and have a linen like appearance due to the extremely fine weave.

The finest of these Panama hats are hand blocked and trimmed in our custom shop in NYC.

Man wearing custom color Panama hat in NYC from The Hat House 347-640-4048

Fine Panama Hat from The Hat House in NYC

Please visit us by calling 347-640-4048 for an appointment.