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Our Hat Store in Soho, New York City is currently on hold until Covid subsides as I am in a high risk group. Any hat work you need cannot be done right now.  Thank you for your understanding as I currently have everything in climate controlled storage until it is safe.

We ship worldwide. Please use our online ordering or just pick up the phone and call us and we will ship it to you by taking a phone order at 347-640-4048.

If you are looking for a Kangol Hat, Bailey Hat, Christys Hat, Stetson Hat, Dobbs Hat we can get it for you and ship it to your door.   We also have a fine line of Panama Hats from Ecuador as well as custom made fur felt fedoras, fur felt porkpie hats, fur felt bowler hats, fur felt top hats. All of our custom made wool felt or fur felt hats are of the highest standards and are made to your specifications of brim size, edge treatment, liner type, trim treatments and crown shapes. Our custom hand blocked hats are top shelf and have the utmost in comfort, craftmanship and style. Whether you want a relaxed and well broken in look or a perfectly shaped and polished look we can do it for you.

Online shopping from our online store will be available soon and of course you can email us at at any time.