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Hat Repairs and New Hats to buy in New York City by The Hat House New York

Does your hat need refurbishing?   If it is a hat you enjoy wearing, maintenance of  your hat is important to keep it looking its' best.    Your hat is one of the first things that people notice and we can make it look great again.

If your hat is too tight, we can fix that. If your hat is too loose...bring it in for adjustment.  Does the shape look wrong?  Hats can lose their shape but we can restore that as well.  If you like a special shape to your brim...flat or curved or curled?  That is possible as well.

Complete replacement of ribbons, leather sweat bands, old fashioned Cleaning and Blocking your Hats are services we perform.

Does your straw hat or Panama Hat look a mess?   Shape unrecognizable or out of shape, rips or cracks starting to appear?   Give us a call.  Ask for Ken Lee,  the hatmaker onsite Telephone 347-640-4048.

If you cannot stop in our NYC shop, you can also mail your hat to us for repairs and restorations.... we will call you when it is received and go over the work to be done with you on the phone.    Mailed back to you after work is complete.  Please call first for instructions and be sure to put your name and telephone number inside the box with the hats you are shipping to us.   Our Telephone is 347-640-4048 
Address is: 131 Thompson Street, Middle Store, New York, NY 10012

Boater and Gatsby era hats from The Hat House NY tel: 347-640-4048
The Hat House also offers a bespoke hatmaking service.  You will be custom measured, a mold created for your head shape and your hat built to specifications.   Materials are always the best available.  The finest beaver and rabbit felts as well as fine Panama Hat straws are used to create your special hat.  Colors, brim size and shape as well as crown style are all considered. If you use Instagram, see examples:  @hathousenewyork
Panama Hats for Men and Women in New York City - Hat House New York Tel: 347-640-4048

Ladies Summer Hats from The Hat House New York Tel: 347-640-4048

Hat House Hat Shop Tel:347-640-4048 Custom Hats

We are conveniently located in SoHo NYC near many subway stations, parking garages and street parking is possible.    Find us inside the Japanese Kimono Boutique...located at 131 Thompson St ...between Houston and Prince Streets

Ken Lee - Master Hatter

Where is the best place to find a Panama Hat in New York City? ...answer: The Hat House in SoHo

The Hat House located in SoHo NYC has a huge selection of  quality Panama Hats for both men and women.  We have ready to wear hats in *all* sizes from very very small to extremely large.

All Grades are available... from a beautiful Standard weave up to the high end fine weave Ultra Fino Montecristi Panama Hats.  Many colors and shades in stock now.

Our beautiful and cool wearing hats are authentic and we try our best to select the nicest examples of the art.  We source many of them directly from the weavers or their representatives from Cuenca or Montecristi Ecuador.

When buying a nice hat, you want to make sure the fit is perfect and the style and shape of the hat suits you as well.   We specialize in providing careful fitting and style consultation when you make your choice of hat.

Our hats are dermatologist approved to help you practice "safe sun".  

Telephone: 347-640-4048

There is a resident hatter onsite at The Hat House that can also make a custom or customized Panama Hat for you if you are so inclined. 

The Hat House hatter is also experienced in Panama Hat repairs and modifications and you can also bring your existing hats for repair.

Visit us in Soho, we are located at 131 Thompson Street, between Houston and Prince Streets. Find us inside the Japanese Kimono Boutique.

Telephone: 347-640-4048

Hat repairs, hat cleaning, hat blocking in New York City

Hat cleaning and blocking from Hat House New York

Whether Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer... hats can be a important accessory.  Hats sometimes need TLC, maintenance and even a new makeover.

Is your hat is too tight or your hat too big?

cleaning and blocking of hats done at Hat House New York

Does the inside of the hat (sweat band) need replacement?

Does your hat need reshaping (hat out of shape), stiffening? 

Is it important to have your hat cleaned? (YES!  see below)

hat repairs, panama hat repairsNew ribbon or trims needed on your hat?

Does your panama hat have holes or tears or rips?

Where is the best place in New York  to have your hat cleaned and blocked or repaired?  
Panama Hat repairs at The Hat House New York

The hatters at The Hat House hat shop in New York City can handle all of the above services to keep your prized hats in Tip-Top condition. 

 We are a Hatmaker in New York City that maintains a full service repair shop for all types of men and women's hats.

  In addition,  you can order our own custom bespoke beaver and other furfelt hats created one at a time and entirely by hand the old fashioned way in NYC!  Check out instagram: hathousenewyork

Our New York Hat Shop also also sells off the shelf hats from Borsalino Hat and Stetson hat. We are an Authorized Stetson Hat Dealer and repair service on premises as well as a recommended Borsalino hat repair service.

 All hat repair service are performed by The Hat House, located at 131 Thompson Street in SoHo NYC. Find us between Houston and Prince Streets, inside the Japanese Kimono Boutique. 
Telephone: 347-640-4048

Does your hat need reshaping or repair? Best Hat Cleaning and Blocking New York City

hat repair, cleaning and blocking New York Cityhats cleaned and blocked NYC
Hat House New York  continues a century old artisan tradition in New York City... Hat repair and maintenance.

With the resurgence of hat wearers and appreciation of quality hats, the need for hat repairs, hat cleaning, hat reshaping, hat fixing and changing hat ribbons, changing sweatbands, blocking hats and hat restoration has surfaced again.

Whether you have a dress felt hat that needs repair, a cowboy hat that needs reshaping, if your hat just doesn't look right on the brim or the crease on the crown is not good anymore, Hat House New York can restore or improve your hat.

We work on and repair ladies and men's hats as well as all types of headwear including fitted cap repair, baseball cap repair, fixing broken straps on hats, repairing and replacing hat liners, replacing hat sweatbands, in fact we can completely restore most any hats.

Panama Hat repair New York

hat reshaping, hat cleaning and blockingPanama hats sometimes have cracks that are repairable. We fix all types of Panama Hats that need reshaping or have breaks in them.

Do you have an heirloom hat that is in need of repair from your father or grandfather or other prized hat that is one of a kind and is in bad shape?  Horrible shape?  Call us and we can most likely restore your important hat. Even rare museum hats have been restored by Hat House New York.

We have the best hat repair service in New York and are hatmakers as well.

The Hat House New York cleans and blocks hats as well as restores men and womens hats
Sometimes it is a particular hat that you just cannot replace but it has a lot of meaning to you.  No matter what condition, we can usually restore it.

Give us a call at 347-640-4048

Hats cleaned and blocked

Ken Lee Custom Hats are now available at Hat House New York

Hatmaker, Ken Lee

Ken Lee Custom

 bespoke beaver 

 luxury fashion hats

Ken Lee Custom hats can be purchased at Hat House New York in SoHo NYC
Tel: 347-640-4048

Ken Lee Custom beaver hats 346-640-4048

Handmade by Ken Lee in his custom shop using 150 year old techniques in New York City
with turn of the century rare hatmaking tools and equipment.
Creating wearable works of art from the finest quality fur felts

Ken Lee Custom beaver hats 346-640-4048

Ken Lee Custom beaver hats 346-640-4048  Kandee JohnsonKen Lee Custom beaver hats 346-640-4048

Ken Lee Custom beaver hats 346-640-4048Ken Lee Custom beaver hats 346-640-4048

Ken Lee Custom beaver hats 346-640-4048Ken Lee Custom beaver hats 346-640-4048

Ken Lee Custom beaver hats 346-640-4048 Vogue April Cover Moedel 2016

Hats are created for each customer by bespoke service with Ken Lee or select from his unique library of created works.

Vogue Magazine, W Magazine, Madonna, David Bowie, NY Times Fashion - Photographed by Bill Cunningham,  scores of musicians, artists, writers, celebrities, A-list models, A-list actors, businessmen and entrepreneurs are owners of these hat works of art.

Most prices from $475 to $2500

Call 347-640-4048 for appointment
In person or phone fittings 

Buy Borsalino Hats in New York City from Hat House New York, Borsalino Hat Shop

The Hat House New York  Borsalino Hat Shop

 You can buy Borsalino Hats in New York City from us in the convenient SoHo area of NYC.

The entire line of Borsalino is available and we also customize and repair Borsalino Hats.  If your Hat needs repair; maybe a rip or tear, hat needs to be reshaped, brim not looking good, hat needs blocking, hat needs cleaning, ribbon needs changing, sweatband needs replacement, we can handle it.
We also repair and block and clean any other brand or type of hat.  In addition we make custom made hats in pure rabbit and pure beaver felts as well.

Borsalino hats are known to be some of the best factory made hats made today.  They use some of the best materials and highest levels of craftsmanship. They are the next best to having your own custom hat made to order, albeit at a higher price point.

I particularly like the Borsalino hats that have the ability to be folded and put into your bag or briefcase when traveling or on-the-go and wanting to stash your prized hat. Traveling hats or Packable furfelt hats are some of the best hats available for men and women.

Call us at 347-640-4048 to Buy Borsalino hats in New York City and Borsalino hat repair walk-in or mail-in

Hats for the Jazz Age Lawn Party at Governors Island 2016

Hat House New York has the perfect hats to wear for the Jazz Age Lawn Party
hats for the Jazz Age Lawn Party from The Hat House in SoHo 344-640-4048
Have extra fun on Governors Island and wear the right hats!

For the past 8 years our New York Hat Shop located in SoHo at 131 Thompson Street has helped people enjoy The Jazz Age Lawn party even more by offering a wonderful selection of quality and period appropriate hats.

boater hats for the Jazz Age Lawn Party from The Hat House in SoHo 344-640-4048
  • Boater Hats
  • Skimmer Hats
  • Newsboy Hats
  • Newsie Hats
  • Paperboy Hats
  • 1920's Hats
  • Gatsby Hats
  • Top Hats
  • Bowler Hats
  • Duckbill Caps
  • Pub Caps
  • Hunting Caps
  • Panel Caps  
  • hats for the Jazz Age Lawn Party from The Hat House in SoHo 344-640-4048
    Boater Hats
  • Classic Panama Hats
Visit us in SoHo NYC to find hats for the Jazz Age Lawn Party that is held on Governers Island.
hats for the Jazz Age Lawn Party from The Hat House in SoHo 344-640-4048
We are located in the Japanese Kimono Shop and have an extensive selection of the correct hats to wear at the Jazz Age Party 2016.

Panama Hats
Panama Hats
If you need extra small size hats or extra large size hats, we have every hat size and can fit you comfortably and give you the best look possible.   Being hatmakers ourselves, we can properly adjust and tailor the fit;  so that everything is perfect for you.

Boater Hat
Skimmer and Boater Hats
Telescope Panama
Classic 1920's Panama

Newsboy and 1920's Caps

Hats for 2016 Jazz Age Lawn Party New York

 Visit us in SoHo New York City for Hats for The Jazz Age Lawn Party 2016
Telelphone: 347-640-4048
131 Thompson Street, between Houston and Prince Streets
Inside the Japanese Store

Off the shelf and Custom Hats available as well
We have the entire line of Stetson Hats, custom tailored.
We have the entire line of Borsalino Hats, custom tailored.
Many other brands including our own Hat House New York Custom Hats
Ken Lee Custom bespoke hats only from Hat House New York