Gatsby styled hats, boater hats, skimmer hats and 1920's hats for sale in New York City

skimmer boater hat from The Hat House NY
If you are invited to a party themed at the turn of the century or 1920's, you can find just the right hat at The Hat House in SoHo, NYC>

Panama hats for women, ladiesPanama HatSummer Linen Cloche HatGenuine Panama Hatnarrow brim summer retro styled hat

We have hats for both men and women that are period appropriate for Gatsby type parties as well as The Jazz Age Lawn Party held on Governers Island on both Saturday August 16 and Sunday August 17, 2014

porkpie hats from The Hat House

boater hatCloche hat in LinenPanama Hats for ladies

The Hat House is conveniently located at 131 Thompson Street in SoHo.  Find us in the Japanese Kimono Boutique.  Between Houston and Prince Streets.
tel: 347-640-4048

Ecuador woven Panama Hat
caps with historyJazz Age Panama hat worn by NYC Jazz musicianPanama hats for men and womenLinen fedora for men or women

Wearing a great looking hat from that era will put you in great form for these events!

Newsie newsboy styled hatsFind Classic Skimmer, Boater hats that were all the rage in the 20's...mainly for men although women have fun wearing them as well.   Cloche styled (bell shaped) hats from the flapper era, although still in vogue to this day.

Skimmer hat or boater Hat
You can find Newsboy Hats, some people call them newspaper hats or Newsie hats. 3 Panel flat caps that have been around for the past 100 years or so in NYC.  Lots of colors and flavors... Find Panama Hats in lots of varieties and weaves for men and women...We've got 'em all.

Visit us so you can pick up a last minute hat for your wardrobe. We are just a few min walk from the subways.

Trick Hat from the 1950's

Yes, we make quality custom fur felt beaver Western Cowboy Hats at The Hat House in NYC. 

 We have a full service hat store and hat shop in New York

 We sell and repair all types of hats including Panama Hats, Fedoras, Trilby, Top Hats, Bowler Hats.  

Our hat shop in SoHo designs and creates fine fur felt Fedoras for men and women. These hats are hand built in NYC and use the finest materials and techniques for a wonderful look and great fit.

We just don't make the following trick hat that I ran across on Youtube recently!

  If you remember or have heard of Roy Rogers, the cowboy actor and singer that was extremely popular in the 1950's, then you will get a kick out of this strange hat...a kids' toy.

  This is definitely not something that will fly today as a childs toy. 

If you are into hats, you may find it interesting to see this 1950's TV commercial.

Roy Rogers Quick Trigger Shooter Hat:  A bizarre and politically incorrect toy?

Buy Panama Hats while you are in New York City

 Buy Panama Hats at our New York hat shop, The Hat House NY

buy panama hats in new york

Panama Hats NYCNew York City has Panama Hats at The Hat HousePanama Hat season is here again. We have an extensive selection of beautiful Handmade Panama Hats for Men and Women.  Classical shapes as well as trendy Panama Hats in all sizes are available at The Hat House, Hat shop in SoHo, NY.
Panama hats for sale at our New York Hat Store, The Hat HouseLadies and Mens Panama Hats at our hat shop, The Hat House New York
From extra small sizes to extra extra XXL sizes as well as every size in between.

Hat store, Hat shop New York Panama Hats at The Hat HousePanama Hats at The Hat House Hat Store NY in Soho NYCNew York has Panama Hats at The Hat House NYPanama Hats for sale NYCMens Panama Hats from The Hat House NY, a hat shop in Soho
Our top quality hats are in all price ranges from modest to ultra luxury quality.  Handmade and handblocked hats that are a treasure and fun to wear.

Please stop in our hat store in NY and find just the right hat you are looking for.

The Hat House is located in the trendy and fashionable SoHo area of  NYC. There are lots of one of a kind boutiques and wonderful restaurants. Telephone 347-640-4048

Buy Hats from The Hat House NY - visit us in SoHo NYC or online at www.t...

If you are looking to buy a quality made hat while in New York City, be sure to visit The Hat House in SoHo NYC.  We are convenient to lots of subway stations, a quick cab ride from most of the city and there is parking available in the area. We have a great selection of Panama Hats in New York City as well as dozens of other styles. We also repair all hats, block hats, clean hats, reshape hats and make fine custom made hats to order.  Telephone: 347-640-4048

Widebrim Floppy Hats in New York City

A big brim on a hat can look great. Our top quality hand crafted hats are affordable as well as beautiful. Many colors and styles to choose from in our New York hat shop.

Custom Fedora Hats for women at The Hat House New York

The Hat House NY fur felt fedora

Zuzana Gregorova in new hat from The Hat House NYFedora from New York Hat shop, The Hat House NY in Soho
 Zuzana chose our classic men's fedora when she visited our New York City hat shop last week. 
Zuzana G wearing Fedora from The Hat House NY

Zuzana at The Hat House NY wearing custom fedora

Zuzana Gregorova was a pleasure to work with.  She is so beautiful and photogenic!

Great hat wearing weather in New York City today

After a week or more of frigid "vortex" weather this early January,  we have had some perfect hat weather.  People throughout New York have put away (temporarily) the heavy duty  fur Russian hats and hoods and have been enjoying great stylish hat weather again.  

Fedoras, flat caps, Kangol, Stetsons, bowler hats, Harris Tweed Caps, Trilby hats, floppy hats, wide brim hats are all being worn by trendy New Yorkers.

women's fedora hat
No Snow today!
hat weather in NYC
Beautiful hat weather in NYC

Classic Fedora
Ladies wide brim floppy hat
Wide brim floppy hat, fully rollable and crushable and weather proof
Mens Fedora hat

harris tweed stetson hat

Warm winter Hats in New York City

The Hat House,  Hat shop in SoHo NYC has a great selection of winter Hats that will keep you insulated from the cold that has grips on every one right now.    Visit our "Best in New York" Hat shop to find a complete selection of men's Hats and women's hats of all types. 

Warm Hats and Winter Hats for men and women including Trapper Hats, Aviator Hats at The Hat House in Soho NYC

This has been a frigid week in NYC. Anyone venturing outside without a warm hat to cover the ears has been freezing!

Winter hats from The Hat House NY
Handmade fleece cap and deerstalker hat

leather aviator hats from The Hat House of New York
Aviator hat in leather
 With temperatures in the single digits F it is important to keep your body heat stabilized.

 Exposed ears can lower your body temperature quickly as your blood flow circulates through the ears.

Cover your ears with a toasty warm quality made hat is not only comfortable but is a smart look on the streets.
fleece handmade hat from The Hat House NY
Fleece handmade hat
Trapper hat from The Hat House NY
Winter Trapper Hat, washable

Washable nylon and fleece trapper hat
Washable fleece and nylon trapper hat
Lu Hefner sporting his trapper hat
Lu before his gig wearing new trapper hat from The Hat House NYC

cozy snood hat
Cozy snood hood 
Family wearing hats from The Hat House of NY
Happy family keeps warm in hats from The Hat House NY

Faux fur winter hat. Fur is available option.
Kangol Beanie Toque from The Hat House of NY
Kangol beanie toque
 We also have a full line of men and womens Fedora hats, Bowler hats, Top Hats as well as our custom made fur felt hats. Cleaning hats, blocking hats, repairing hats and reshsaping hats and other hat services are available.

The Hat House in SoHo, NYC  347-640-4048