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Hat repairs, hat reshaping, hats made bigger, hats made smaller at our hat shop in New York City

Do you have a nice hat that is looking droopy or does not have that nice look it used to have?  Does it have a leather sweat band in the hat that needs to be replaced?

 Is your hat too small or tight and it needs to be stretched?  Is your hat too big and need to be made smaller? Does your hat need cleaning?  What about blocking your hat?

Cleaning and blocking services for your hat that will restore the shape of the hat and make your hat look new again.  Is your hat too floppy or limp?  Your hat can be stiffened and have a nice feel once again and look great!

The Hat House in New York City offers all of the above hat repairs and hat services that will make your special hats look great once again.

No matter how bad the condition of the hat, your hat can be restored if it was made from good materials to begin with.

Hats can be any age for us to do this, from new to antique.

Please give us a call if you need hat repair or hat cleaning.  You can also mail in your hat to us. Please call for further information:  347-640-4048

Kangol summer flat caps are here at The Hat House Hat Shop in SoHo NYC

Kangol hats are sold at The Hat House New York 347-640-4048Kangol flat cap hat

If you are trying to track down the Kangol ivy or flat caps that are great for summer because of their built in cooling vents, visit us at our hat store in New York City.  We have a good selection of Kangol flat caps as well as all types of newsboy hats, newspaper hats, gatsby hats, hunting caps, flat caps, English or Irish, Scottish flat caps along with pub caps, duckbill hats or duckbill caps.  No matter what type or brand you want,  you can find a great selection of quality made caps at our hat shop in NY.
Kangol cap

Panama Hats for Men and Women are here at The Hat House Hat Shop in SoHo NYC

Panama hat for Derby Men or Women

We have a full selection of great looking Panama Hats for men and women that are perfect for walking, relaxing, traveling, beach or any outdoor spectator sport.  Panama Hats have a classic elegant look that is always in style.  Our hats range in quality and price from modest to luxury range.  From the good quality up to the rare and super fine Montecristi Panama Hats  beautifully appointed with the best trims. Available from The Hat House NY from $150 to the six figure price ranges.
Mens Panama Hats
Ladies Panama Hat

Mens Panama Hat

Panama Hats in New York City

Ladies Panama Hat in SoHo NYC
Ladies Panama Hat in New York
A great Panama hats is both a refined as well as  casual summer hat. We specialize in classic Panama Hats that will be your  "go to" hat throughout the sunny and warm seasons.

We also restore hats,  repair hats and reshape all types of hats including felt hats as well as fine Panama Hats. Hat blocking, Hat cleaning and Hat repairs using the old fashioned master hatter techniques.

Please give us a call  at 347-640-4048 and visit us in our convenient SoHo NYC hat shop located in the Japanese Kimono Store between Prince and Houston Streets. 

Flat caps, David Bowie and Serendipity in SoHo NY

David Bowie as well as his music is special to me.

I explained the complete story to his personal shopper when she came into our SoHo New York City Hat shop to purchase berets for his wife, Iman and to purchase a Kangol flat cap for him.

David Bowie wears flat cap from The Hat House, hat store in NYC
The Super Talented David Bowie  - photo by Splash
His music captivated me when I heard the "Changes" album when it was first released and still does to this day.  I think people familiar with his work agree that his music still resonates.  He is an important element in the upward progression of contemporary music.

Anyway, we are all located in the SoHo NYC area and I hope he doesn't mind the photo post of him in the cap I supplied (photo from Splash News) showing a relaxed and attentive man simply hanging out just a few blocks from our New York City hat shop.

SoHo NYC is a vibrant and sophisticated area.  Creative people from all over the world have made it their home.



Here are some links to some great tracks:
Suffragette City
Little Drummer Boy w/Bing Crosby

The Hat House New York selected by CBS New York as one of The Best Hat Shops to Buy A Hat in New York City

The Hat House in SoHo, NYC is one of the best hat shops in NYC according to the current article on best hat shops by the CBS local website. We were awarded their "Best of New York - Shopping & Style designation for Best Hat Shop NY.

Best Hat Shops NYC The Hat House NY - CBS New York Logo
The Hat House NYC 

Our specialty is making bespoke handmade fedoras and western hats made of the best quality rabbit, wild hare and beaver fur felts.

The Hat House also has a private stash of fino and superfino Montecristi Panama Hats that are simply the finest hats available. These are built and conformed to your headsize and shape. They are the luxurious and are great for both informal relaxed times as well as more formal occasions.

Visit us today, we are conveniently located in Soho NYC near most of the subways and there is on street parking.

CBS Local New York City article on The Hat House NY

Bowler Hats and Derby Hats in New York City

Both men and women can wear a bowler hat or a derby hat.  Either name is acceptable for this classic dome top hat that is traditionally dark black with a narrow turned up brim. A small derby hat is a very cute accessory for many women.  Men as well can look smashing in a derby or bowler hat.

The Hat House in Soho NY has a wide selection of derby hats. 

Some of our bowler hats are soft and crushable while other types are more structured with a firmer body. 

The hats are  individually sized and can be conformed to your head shape for both a comfortable, great looking fit.

Cowboy Hats, Stetson Hats and Western Hats

The Hat House of SoHo NYC is convenient to all subways. We have a great selection of Cowboy Hats, Western Hats and Stetson Hats.  If you are looking for high quality western and period hats that are handmade of the best beaver fur felts money can buy, you should stop by to check us out.  We have both Stetson western cowboy hats as well as completely hand crafted and hand blocked and creased western hats in the best beaver and wild hare felts. All of our hats are guaranteed to be made of the best quality felts available and are custom crafted individually to our or your specifications. We have every style from high fashion to the period hats that are seen in the old western movies.  We can shape these hats into the style that will give you the best look.  If you have something in mind that you have seen in fashion, a western, a rock star or magazine, we can do it for you.   Our hats appear in a number of TV shows, movies and celebrities. Costume designers, celebrities and personal shoppers  have purchased our custom hats from our hatshop in SoHo for many hi profile people including David Bowie, Iman, Morgan Freeman, Julia Roberts, Diane Keaton, and many other celebrities and well known musicians . Our custom hats are made in house by us from 100% beaver fur as well as Wild Hare, Rabbit, Nutria and fur blends. Colors, trims, hat bands are custom crafted and we have many samples including grosgrain, western ribbons, horsehair,traditional as well as hand loomed Navajo, Sioux and other Native American beaded bands.  Our leather bands are hand crafted as well.  Our equipment to create these hats are the same vintage tools that have been used for over 100 years.

Please call us for an appointment, selection and fitting of a great hat crafted just for you.

Gatsby styled hats, boater hats, skimmer hats and 1920's hats for sale in New York City

skimmer boater hat from The Hat House NY
If you are invited to a party themed at the turn of the century or 1920's, you can find just the right hat at The Hat House in SoHo, NYC>

Panama hats for women, ladiesPanama HatSummer Linen Cloche HatGenuine Panama Hatnarrow brim summer retro styled hat

We have hats for both men and women that are period appropriate for Gatsby type parties as well as The Jazz Age Lawn Party held on Governers Island on both Saturday August 16 and Sunday August 17, 2014

porkpie hats from The Hat House

boater hatCloche hat in LinenPanama Hats for ladies

The Hat House is conveniently located at 131 Thompson Street in SoHo.  Find us in the Japanese Kimono Boutique.  Between Houston and Prince Streets.
tel: 347-640-4048

Ecuador woven Panama Hat
caps with historyJazz Age Panama hat worn by NYC Jazz musicianPanama hats for men and womenLinen fedora for men or women

Wearing a great looking hat from that era will put you in great form for these events!

Newsie newsboy styled hatsFind Classic Skimmer, Boater hats that were all the rage in the 20's...mainly for men although women have fun wearing them as well.   Cloche styled (bell shaped) hats from the flapper era, although still in vogue to this day.

Skimmer hat or boater Hat
You can find Newsboy Hats, some people call them newspaper hats or Newsie hats. 3 Panel flat caps that have been around for the past 100 years or so in NYC.  Lots of colors and flavors... Find Panama Hats in lots of varieties and weaves for men and women...We've got 'em all.

Visit us so you can pick up a last minute hat for your wardrobe. We are just a few min walk from the subways.

Trick Hat from the 1950's

Yes, we make quality custom fur felt beaver Western Cowboy Hats at The Hat House in NYC. 

 We have a full service hat store and hat shop in New York

 We sell and repair all types of hats including Panama Hats, Fedoras, Trilby, Top Hats, Bowler Hats.  

Our hat shop in SoHo designs and creates fine fur felt Fedoras for men and women. These hats are hand built in NYC and use the finest materials and techniques for a wonderful look and great fit.

We just don't make the following trick hat that I ran across on Youtube recently!

  If you remember or have heard of Roy Rogers, the cowboy actor and singer that was extremely popular in the 1950's, then you will get a kick out of this strange hat...a kids' toy.

  This is definitely not something that will fly today as a childs toy. 

If you are into hats, you may find it interesting to see this 1950's TV commercial.

Roy Rogers Quick Trigger Shooter Hat:  A bizarre and politically incorrect toy?